What are the sounds that words make? How do they all tie together? Most important, how do they make us connect… or not connect?  Our idea is to find out.

Where we ultimately end up remains to be seen, but the fun for us is not knowing … at least right away. Join us in this expedition.

We will be presenting radio dramas, audio excursions, podcasts, interviews and videos.


WALTER has been playing with words and creating stories for a number of years, his first play written in the 5th grade and having something to do with a guy named Columbus. Over the years he’s had a grammar book published, spent a couple of years writing an environmental blog with the Kansas City Star, published several short stories, wrote and produced an original stage play, wrote and directed a stage show at the Kansas City Zoo, acted in repertory theater, dinner theater, and storytelling. He has directed stage plays and done television commercials, as well as those unforgettable corporate training films.

DAN brings a lifelong love of radio, music and technology to gumbeater. Telling stories and watching movies are some of his key interests. Dan teaches voiceover at the Commercial Actors Studio in Kansas City. He is also a working actor who has appeared in commercials, film, and corporate videos. Along the way he has run his own businesses, which include Creative Packaging, Mac Troubleshooting and Speech Coaching. He also at one time worked as a Quality Specialist at Sprint. Dan wants to thank his father, Leon Compo, 1927-2008, for his love of words and language.